Holistic discipline, in its diversity and heterogeneity, is based on the person's overall approach and physical condition. It aims to improve the quality of life achieved by stimulation of the person's vital resources through energy meridians and rebalancing. Suitable for athletes by increasing their concentration, physical strength and prevent muscular contractions for those suffering from chronic pain. Lightens the weights given by a mind under stress.



Professional operator and owner of "VIA DELL ENERGIA". As a freelance practitioner, I deal with psycho-physical-energetic education and well-being and support the person with targeted techniques.

  • Shiatsu

    Shiatsu is a Japanese handicraft art whose purpose is to restore the person's energy balance and lead to an optimal and lasting state of well-being. The theoretical foundations of Shiatsu are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine that considers human not only as a set of organs, apparatus and functions, but as a harmonious and indissoluble union of mind spirit body. Shiatsu's potential to awaken the vital energies within each individual qualifies it as a true treatment for solving many disharmonies and preventing the disequilibrium of one’s energetic state. Shiatsu works with its specific and peculiar manual pressure techniques using hands, thumbs, forearms and elbows, especially hand pressure. These pressures are carried out on precise areas of the body, on energy channels and points, aimed at reestablishing free flowing of vital energies. Shiatsu deals with the person as a harmonic unit mind body and vital energy or spirit. Shiatsu balances all the altered energy flows in a way that recipient regains its harmony and well-being by implementing the natural ability to maintain internal balance (homeostasis) inherent in the body.

    If there is lack of energy at a point / area of ​​the body, it’s because that point is "stressed". It means there is a situation that we have faced without overcoming it and so it is stagnant. With shiatsu, the person is brought in contact again with this situation in order to make him overcome, digest it and get relieved. Through an acute observation, a professional will find the causes of the Physical Energy Blocks and deal with the hottest / coldest spots, the tight or loose areas, will control the breathing, always focusing on what the receiver needs to help balance the joy of living and inner tranquility.

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  • Functional and energetic rebalance

    In the emotional state of a person there are memories tied to the unconscious. This goes to create both a physical rigidity and even anxiety or wrong repetitive attitudes over ourselves. With energy balance, a Hara treatment, I bring to light what receiver of treatment carries like weights in his subconscious helping to lighten the load by making him aware of such weights. During the treatment, the various methods are used. Sometimes the touch is almost imperceptible, otherwise the manipulation pressures can be more vigorous, listening to hot or cold spots through the precise methods of evaluation. Every treatment becomes unique in its own way as every human being is unrepeatable. There may be automatic movements because while receiving treatment you may feel that your body needs to move you may need to stretch your body to change the position, even breathing may change deeper or faster. Let go, allow the movements to take place, it’s the vital force that is being liberated and redistributed. Sound is another way in which energy is trapped: if you are to be sighing, sending out the sound of the voice strongly, laughing or crying let it happen. Receiver of treatment may experience past moments and then try the same restrained emotional state, or feel a slight physical pain in the treated area as block level sensitivity is restored. There may be reactions of various types like relaxation and falling asleep or crying, so called "emotional releases", conditions in which one is put in front of himself. Releasing it helps the body to feel good and mind to clear up. Being light is the basis for a better life!

  • Oriental Holistic Massage

    The massage is relaxing, regenerating, anti-stress that brings the person to a total state of well-being, involving both the muscle of the user with passive movements but also other senses such as smell, hearing and feeling using the scented perfume oils.

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